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COVID-19 Support and Information

Whether you need general advice for maintaining your stoma or are looking for online support, we are here to offer a helping hand. On this page, you will find lots of useful information on measures you can take to stay safe and reassured at home.

Not sure what food to factor into your diet? Want to know how to look after your peristomal skin? Need advice from someone who has the same experiences as you? We cover all these questions and more below.

General Ostomy Advice

You can use the following resources to solve a number of potential stoma care issues while there is limited support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that this is general advice and not intended to replace any specific guidance given to you directly by a healthcare professional.

COVID-19 Resources

Browse our COVID-19 resources for general guidance on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Stay Well With Self Care

Simple steps can make an extraordinary difference.

Doing Good is Good for You

Make kindness part of your daily to-do list.

Stoma Self Help Guide

A helpful guide to looking after your stoma at home.

The Importance of Keeping Healthy Skin Healthy — Right From the Start

Healthy skin makes life better.

Take a Look at Your Skin

Keeping your stoma and skin healthy.

Ostomy Support — How to Access Support Groups During the Lockdown

Here are several charities, online communities and associations you can talk to.

Living With an Ostomy

Visit our Learning Centre for resources to help live your best life with an ostomy.

6 Tips for Avoiding Leakage
6 Tips for Avoiding Ostomy Leakage

Explore some prevention tips to help you avoid leaks.

Peristomal Skin - Here's Why You Need to Keep it Healthy
Peristomal Skin: Here's Why You Need to Keep it Healthy

Find out how and why here.

Tips for Avoiding Peristomal Itching and What to do if You Already Feel Itchy
Tips to Avoid Peristomal Itching and What to Do if You Already Feel Itchy

Learn about common causes of peristomal itching and what you can do about it.

Routine Ostomy Skin Care
Better Living With Skin Barriers

Why the skin barrier in your pouching system is so important.

Routine Ostomy Skin Care
Moisture Matters

Find out more about the importance of moisture.

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