Continence Care Clinical Education

As a clinician, you’re the expert and advocate for your patients living with bladder dysfunction. Having access to the latest research, educational materials, and training will help you continue to provide them with physical and emotional support.

We’ve collaborated closely with continence healthcare professionals to develop clinical education resources that can help you achieve positive outcomes for your patients.

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Clinical Research and Support

Research study results and case studies to support your practice.

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Hollister Education Events

Network with international colleagues, learn the latest nursing standards, and share best practices.

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Continued Learning

Opportunities to acquire knowledge and learn new skills, at your own pace.

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Patient Education

Educational materials to help your patients stay healthy, use continence products, and achieve independence.

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All Continence Care Clinical Education

View all content related to all continence care clinical education topics.

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Personalised Support for Your Patients

Hollister provides free, personalised support for your patients, regardless of the brand of products they use.

Continence Learning Centre

Share our articles and videos with your patients to help them learn about bladder health, intermittent catheterisation, and living with a neurological condition.