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Your Complete Ostomy Learning Centre

Whether you are about to have surgery, have had your stoma for years or want to learn how to keep your skin healthy, we are here to help with information and education so you can live your best life with an ostomy.

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Understanding an Ostomy

What is ostomy surgery like? What is the difference between an ileostomy and a colostomy? Find answers to these questions and so much more.

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Maintaining Healthy Skin

Some people think skin irritation around their stoma is normal. Keeping your peristomal skin healthy can help you have a better ostomy experience.

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Living With an Ostomy

Can you still play sports? What about relationships? Your body has changed but not everything has to change. Learn how to live your best life with your ostomy.

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Using Ostomy Products

Whether you've found the right ostomy products or you're searching for new ones, it's good to know about all the types of products available.

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