Find the Right Sport for You

People choose sports based on what they enjoy, and what they are able to do. It’s no different for someone with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Explore how to choose the best sport for you.

Find the Right Sport for You

Find the right sport if you have a spinal cord injury.

Depending on their interests and capabilities, people with a spinal cord injury can participate in many sports, including: basketball, rugby, fencing, rowing, sailing, swimming, curling, table tennis, badminton, tennis, weightlifting, fencing, golf, skiing, and more.

The Paralympics reflects the diversity and popularity of these activities. For example, the 2016 World Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro featured over 4,300 physically challenged athletes from 160 countries, coming together to compete in more than 22 different sports.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a sport:

  • Wheelchair and non-wheelchair options exist
  • You can choose to participate as an individual, as a pair, or as part of a team
  • You can participate purely for enjoyment, or to satisfy your competitive spirit—whatever motivates you the most
  • There are many traditional sports that people with SCI can participate in, but there are also some more daring options
  • Many sports associations have organized events and activities for those that are physically challenged. These are a great resource for learning more, and finding local places and people to help get you moving. For example, the International Tennis Federation has resources for wheelchair tennis online.

The opportunities to participate in organized sports are nearly unlimited, even for people with a spinal cord injury. Take a little time to learn about what sports are available for you. Get fit, and have fun!