#OstomyAwareness Bringing People Together

Every year the first weekend in October is a time for connection, inspiration, and reflection for the ostomy community. Whether virtually or in person, we hope you join in on October 7, 2023.

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Celebrate the Day in Your Way

For many people, ostomy surgery gives them a new chance at life. Their ostomy helps them manage challenging symptoms, provides stability to daily routines, and allows them to do things they could not do prior to illness. These positive outcomes are why we celebrate! Every person’s journey, experiences, and interests are unique. Here are some ways you can learn something new, show your support, or connect with others in the global ostomy community.

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Show off Your Stoma Sticker

Stoma Stickers are a great way to raise awareness, start a conversation, or show support. Check out the free Hollister Incorporated digital stickers pack on Instagram to enhance your Instagram posts and stories. Share a picture with yours on social media, using the hashtags #OAD2023 and #OstomateVoices.

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Advocating for Skin Health


We are pleased to work with the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) to champion healthy skin for ostomates worldwide. Hear more about what healthy skin means for improving daily life with an ostomy. 

CeraPlus™ Products* have received dermatological accreditation

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Ambitions Reach New Heights

The Ostomy Athlete initiative is bringing together athletes from around the globe in support of education and fundraising that improves the lives of people with ostomies and related conditions. Hear more from founder Patrick Belton about the inspiration for this initiative, and what they aim to accomplish. 


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We're All About Education

We believe knowledge is power – knowing more about living with an ostomy, or the products and resources available to you.

Healthy Skin

Healthy skin around your stoma not only helps your pouching system adhere properly, but also may improve your quality of life. Taking special care to improve and preserve skin health may help you feel comfortable with your ostomy.

Protection Where it Matters

Living with an ostomy doesn’t mean you have to live with stoma fluid leakage or skin irritation. See how the CeraPlus™ Line of Ostomy Products* gives your skin the advanced protection it deserves. 

Peace of Mind

You may have questions about your ostomy and how to keep on living the life you want to live, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We are here to help.

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