Fit + Formulation: Our Equation for Healthy Skin

Two things are required to keep the skin around the stoma healthy. Products need to fit well and the ingredients, or formulation, of those products need to support a healthy skin environment.

What do we mean by Fit?
The size and shape of your stoma and the shape and tone of your abdomen will determine the type of barrier that you will need to get a good fit or seal around the stoma.

Why is Fit important?
It's critical to get a good seal around the stoma to prevent leakage, promote comfort, and maintain healthy skin.

What do we mean by Formulation?
The customised ingredients responsible for adhesion, erosion resistance, and absorption are carefully formulated in the skin barrier to create an environment where healthy skin can thrive.

Why is Formulation important?
The right skin barrier formulation will interface with the skin and make all the difference in maintaining healthy skin.

One size fits all does not apply when it comes to choosing the right skin barrier.


Hollister uses a unique combination of Fit + Formulation to design skin barriers that help maintain healthy skin.

Practices and products that can help promote skin health

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